Build your incentive trip step-by-step

Incentive travel is a great way to reward their staff for their hard work in supporting the company’s success – both as an individual and collectively as part of their team.

Our highly experienced, passionate team will ensure that your business objectives are met and your senior employees have an authentic, personal and unrepeatable experience in every destination they visit.

Our Services


We have connections with businesses within the UK in several industries such as Hospitality, Trading, Computing, Sciences and Services. Therefore there will be a great opportunity that we can arrange trips for your business to explore the potential of investing, expanding or connecting for your future potential.


Study Tours to the management and officials of the Vietnam State, Government Bodies and Corporations, and to Vietnamese business persons: we will connect you and arrange visits for you to come into the UK to meet with major UK universities and research centres, local authority organisations and government departments, industry experts, leading companies, etc. as required by your study, project or objectives.


Study services to Vietnam State and Government Departments and Corporate Organisations: we have successfully organised professional training courses and English courses in the UK for Vietnamese State and Government officers and Corporate employees, using our access to a number of UK colleges and universities


Support you all the way from registering, arranging a stand to attending those tradeshows in the UK

translation & interpreters

Support you in communication matters

accomodation & transportation

All arranged to suit your requirements and budget during your stay in the UK