Our Services

TOTASA offers a range of high quality advisory and support services to help start-ups and small and middle-market companies successfully establish business operations in foreign markets. We provide services to both public and private sector.

We partner with our clients to create and implement high-impact marketing and business development solutions that will drive business growth and boost profits. Our goal is to ensure that all marketing and business development efforts are focused on activities that result in a significant return on investment.

We deliver a combination of value-added  and high quality solutions to our clients that immediately result in profitability and long-term sustainability.

We bring professional expertise and personal commitment to all consulting projects to help you achieve your project goals.

We offer more than just advice and reports – we focus on RESULTS !  


We provide professional consultation on various sections involving: strategies, human resources, marketing, information technology, logistics, risk control, supply chain, etc.

We will formulate and implement client’s organisational goal based on their current capacity, resource and assessment of the external and internal environment where clients competes. We will also provide organisational chain management assistant, employee training, technology implementation, strategy development and operational improvement service. 


We provide industrial report, figure, data on finance, energy, property, transportation, culture, manufacture, travel, etc.

When you hope to involve in new business area, you’d better to understand it first. Experts in Totasa are here for you to explore potentials, problems, opportunities and threats of your interested industry. 


We help our clients develop new markets and implement marketing strategies across the UK and Vietnam range of  high – growth and emerging  industry sectors including automotive, ICT, clean technology (including renewable energy), manufacturing, security and defense, medical equipment, telecommunications, travel and tourism, and consumer goods. 

We are confident that we have the ability to meet your project needs and budget!


We specialise in assisting and linking together businesses and investors in Vietnam and the United Kingdom. We have a wealth of experience and an extensive network of political and commercial contacts within both Vietnam and the UK, so ensure you success. 
Identification of business partners and investment opportunities; 

  • Translation and Localisation of Marketing Materials;
  • Establishment of representative office and market presence. 


Should you not find your demand service, please contact our consultant directly on 0757 565 6696  or via email info@totasa.co.uk